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Safeguard your health with water purifiers, vital for removing impurities and infusing essential minerals into water for safe consumption. Water is indispensable, but relying on contaminated sources jeopardizes our well-being. Our water purifiers ensure a steady supply of clean, mineral-rich water, promoting a healthier, happier life.

Discover the transformative impact of pure water on your daily well-being, allowing you to thrive without compromising on the quality of this fundamental resource. Choose our purifiers for a reliable, efficient solution that prioritizes your health, providing the assurance of safe drinking water for you and your loved ones.

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Aquaera Water Filter

The Platinum Wasser Ultra 6 Reverse Osmosis System utilizes membrane technology to produce high-purity drinking water with a remarkable 99.5% rejection rate for contaminants. This advanced system effectively cleans your water supply, removing various chemicals and heavy metals. It comes complete with a storage tank, a European-designed faucet, and an installation fitting kit. Additionally, a mineral/alkaline post filter is employed to restore beneficial minerals lost during the reverse osmosis process. Compared to conventional systems, our Reverse Osmosis systems eliminate 10% to 20% more pollutants. Please note that a minimum water pressure of 30 psi is required for optimal system operation.

Aquaera Water Softener

Aquaera Water Softener: Experience the RevV2.5 Certified Water Softener-Filter, a top-rated municipal water system combining two media types for comprehensive softening and filtration. This advanced system not only ensures soft water but also effectively filters out chlorine and harmful chemicals. Untreated hard water is known to significantly shorten the lifespan of appliances, restrict water flow in pipes, and compromise the cleanliness of clothing, even with increased detergent use. Additionally, the impact extends to personal well-being, causing dryness in both skin and hair. Invest in the Aquaera Water Softener for a holistic solution to water quality concerns, safeguarding your appliances and enhancing the comfort of your home.

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